Our Philosophy

The Firm's long standing practice philosophy is to focus on the client, first, last and always.

Beginning with the first interview of a new client, the focus is on helping the client and the family understand the process of seeking justice and compensation from the culpable individual or corporation. We are also aware that the client oftentimes has invaluable information and insight into the claim. We will utilize the necessary time and effort to satisfy the client's concerns regarding his or her case and to fully inform the client regarding all aspects of the pending matter. Thereafter, we periodically ask the client to come to our office, or another more convenient location as circumstances require, for the purpose of keeping the client informed on the continuing developments in the case and to provide us with current information regarding the client's condition and prognosis.

We expend the time and financial resources necessary to prepare every case so that the maximum recovery can be obtained. This knowledge also helps the client feel secure and comfortable during what could be a very difficult time for the client.

The legal community and especially the defense bar appreciate from the outset this commitment and that our preparation is with the intent to try the case to verdict. This approach optimizes trial results as well as enhances settlements.

During this preparatory phase, only the most qualified investigators, expert engineers, and doctors are employed as needed to ensure that the case will be prepared to the fullest extent. For example, in a potential medical negligence case, a partner will interview the client for the purpose of obtaining all the relevant facts regarding the case. A complete review of the facts may take a better part of the day. Once additional records are obtained, another meeting may be required for further discussion and clarification.

After our medical expert has reviewed the facts in conjunction with the appropriate standard of care, another opportunity will be provided the client for a face to face discussion. The client will be advised of the Firm's view of the case and our recommendation will be discussed in detail with a time frame set for the expected ultimate conclusion taking into consideration the complexity of the case.

Problems and difficulties will be candidly discussed with the client at any stage during the progress of the case. Decisions regarding trial and settlement will be always made person-to-person, lawyer-to-client and, of course, solely for the best interests of the client.

Our experience has shown that our emphasis on spending time with our clients always provides invaluable mutual benefits. The ultimate outcome is enhanced and the goal of helping the client go on with his/her life during the pendency of the case is also accomplished.

Regardless of what others may say and promise, there is no substitute for the guiding experience and counsel of one of our partners when our client and his/her family's future is concerned.

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