Truck Accidents

A History of Success in Truck Accident Cases

The attorneys at Pavalon & Gifford have more than 30 years of experience working together to help people in Chicago, Illinois, and beyond. In fact, we have built a reputation that is known nationwide. That reputation is evidence of our commitment to achieve justice for every person that turns to us for help.

We Want To Make Your Case a Success

Our law firm is dedicated to getting positive results in your tractor-trailer crash case. You can be confident that we will strive to maximize the compensation you receive for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and any other damages.

The negligence that causes serious truck accidents comes in many forms. Many of those forms are direct violations of laws that dictate how truckers must perform their duties. For example, laws outline how many hours a driver can operate the vehicle. Frequently, accidents are caused when truckers ignore this restriction.

Sometimes, the reason for a truck accident may seem obvious: A truck driver was driving too fast or disobeying rules of the road. More frequently though, our thorough investigation finds that there is much more involved.

One of the crucial steps we take is to find out who shares the blame. Was it the truck driver alone? Was it the company the driver worked for? Was it the maintenance company that failed to properly repair brakes, headlights or other parts? We will get to the bottom of the situation in our quest to get you the compensation you need in your truck accident case.

Multimillion-Dollar Results in Truck Accident Cases

We are proud of the many noteworthy cases we have handled over the years. Among them is a typically complex case in which a woman was killed in an accident when a truck backed over her. This case was unusual in that the woman was working with her husband, an independent truck driver, at a freight terminal when the accident happened. We determined that the accident was the result of negligence on the part of the freight terminal and won a verdict of more than $3 million.

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Find out more about how we can help you pursue compensation for the damages you suffered in a truck accident. Contact us to speak with an experienced lawyer.

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