Police Misconduct

A Record of Success in Police Misconduct Cases

For more than 30 years, the attorneys of Pavalon & Gifford have represented victims of negligence and their family members. Over the years, we have gained recognition in Chicago, Illinois, and throughout the nation for our ability to handle police misconduct cases. We take pride in our reputation and work hard every day to maintain it by helping people like you.

We Want To Get Positive Results for You

Our law firm is prepared to stand by your side throughout your police misconduct case. We will strive to maximize your compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and any other damages.

Law enforcement officers have specific rules and regulations that dictate how they should handle stops. They have guidelines about when and how much force should be used. When they resort to the use of excessive force by firing a weapon, using a Taser or forcibly subduing a suspect, the victim can suffer serious personal injury and even wrongful death.

Most of these cases unfold in a similar manner. Typically, police officers arrive on the scene because of some alleged disturbance. Oftentimes, it is something minor, but the situation is allowed to escalate and the police officers resort to the use of excessive or even deadly force. Our challenge is to prove that the use of force was not justified and excessive, and that the officer's actions amounted to police misconduct.

To help explain the facts to the court, we will bring in eyewitnesses, trusted investigators and experts. These people help us to determine whether or not an officer was out of line by taking forceful actions. We will use the information that we gather to put together a case that is dedicated to getting you positive results.

Multimillion-Dollar Results in Police Misconduct Cases

Noteworthy cases our team has handled include one of the largest verdicts in the state in a police misconduct case. The case involved a 36-year-old man who struck his head on a steel bulkhead when police threw him into a paddy wagon. The head injury left the man paralyzed. We obtained a jury verdict of $7.5 million in compensation for the victim.

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