Car Accidents

A Record of Success in Car Crash Cases

Auto accidents are the most common cause of serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths. All too many people's lives are devastated by a tragic accident. For more than 30 years, the attorneys of Pavalon & Gifford have helped many of those people in Chicago, Illinois, and throughout the country.

We Want To Get Positive Results for You

When you choose our law firm, we will promise to stand by you. We will promise to pursue fair compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and all other damages related to your car crash.

Thorough investigation is a critical element in car crash cases. Our lawyers have the resources to conduct the type of investigation that we feel is necessary to get positive results in these cases.

Much of our investigation will focus on outside witnesses to the accident. We will find them and we will interview them. We will get to the bottom of the situation and use the facts we find to build your case.

Of course, witnesses aren't the only way to find important facts. We will also carefully investigate the scene, looking for evidence that can strengthen our case. We will determine if there is any videotape evidence of the car crash. We will look into the computers in the cars involved, if they have them, to find out information about speed and braking.

If further analysis is needed, we will bring in accident reconstruction experts and other experts. We will do what it takes to put together a strategy that we believe will produce strong results.

Multimillion-Dollar Results in Car Crash Cases

Among our long list of noteworthy cases is a win for a family involved in a serious auto accident. The teenage child suffered the worst injuries and was left paraplegic by the crash, which was caused by the negligence of someone driving a company car. We obtained a settlement of $7 million for the family.

Free Personal Consultation — No Attorney Fees Unless We Win

We are ready to discuss the steps we will take to pursue positive results in your car crash case. Contact us to talk to an experienced lawyer.

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