Brain Injuries

A Record of Success in Brain Injury Cases

For more than 30 years, the lawyers of Pavalon & Gifford have represented victims of brain injury in all its forms, from mild to traumatic. We have developed a reputation in Chicago, Illinois, and throughout the country for the positive results that we have obtained in these cases.

We Want To Get Positive Results for You

Our law firm is dedicated to getting you fair compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and all other costs associated with a brain injury. You can be certain that we will pursue the results you need.

Brain injuries come in many forms, from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that result in permanent incapacity to closed head injuries that lead to any number of cognitive difficulties.

Many brain injuries are not obvious. Even a seemingly minor head injury may lead to symptoms like difficulty sleeping, vision problems, memory loss, trouble with math or other challenges. Inevitably, the defense will argue that these problems were the result of a preexisting condition and not the accident itself.

Our attorneys know how to counter this argument. We work with experts who can assess the extent of the cognitive problems caused by a brain injury and show how the harm clearly resulted from the accident in question.

Experts are also vital in severe brain injury cases. They will help us find out how much care the victim will need for the rest of his or her life. They will stand beside us as we put together a strategy designed to get what is right for you or your loved one.

Multimillion-Dollar Results in Brain Injury Cases

On our list of noteworthy cases are many that involve brain injuries caused by car accidents, defective products, construction accidents and medical malpractice. One of our clients needed surgery to fix a broken arm. The anesthesiologist's failure to properly monitor vital signs at the end of the surgery resulted in severe brain damage. We obtained a settlement of $5 million.

Free Personal Consultation — No Attorney Fees Unless We Win

You can get in touch with us anytime to talk specifically about your brain injury case. Contact us to talk with an experienced attorney.

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